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At Stanton Plumbing servicing Clayton, CA, we want to educate you about all aspects for water conservation and energy efficiency. Stanton Plumbing wants to help customers operate water more efficiently. Water efficiency can greatly reduce costs in your home or business! That is why we are now offering a FREE Water Efficiency Inspection for your home or business! We would like to provide you with multiple options to help you manage your water usage, from checking for any signs of leaks to recommending energy upgrades tailored to your specific home or business!  Call us today to schedule your Free Water Efficiency Inspection!

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Your Free Water Efficiency Inspection for Residential clients includes:

  • Evaluate and analyze your water usage
  • Inspect all toilets, faucets, shower heads, and all fixtures for signs of leaks
  • Check all fixtures for efficiency rating
  • Inspect water heaters for efficiency and leaks
  • Perform a crawl under home to inspect for leaks
  • Check and test water meter and water service to ensure you have no leaks underground
  • Show you how to read your water meter
  • Recommend energy efficient products and upgrades
  • Provide a detailed written evaluation

 Your Free Water Efficiency Inspection for Commercial Clients includes:

  • Evaluate and analyze your water usage
  • Inspect employee hand wash stations and restrooms are functioning to code
  • Check fixtures for efficiency and leaks
  • Inspect trap primers for proper function
  • Evaluate all equipment efficiency
  • Inspect urinal efficiency and function
  • Inspect commercial grade water heater for proper efficiency.
  • Recommend energy efficient equipment upgrades and products
  • Provide a detailed written evaluation

Water and Energy Efficiency Facts and Advice                     greenplumb

-Upgrading to water efficiency products can greatly reduce costs.

-Fixing just your leaky faucets can save up to 20 gallons of water per day.

-Insulating your water pipes will save energy on your hot side and prevent freezing throughout.

-Replace old standard toilets with new energy efficient models.

-If your toilet flush handle frequently sticks in the flush position, letting the water run constantly, have us replace or adjust it.

-For flush-o-meter style toilets it is harder to detect leaks because it is less obvious than traditional toilets

-Toilets alone can account up to 27% of your homes indoor water usage

-Installing energy efficiency shower heads can save a single family home up to 900 gallons of water per week.

-Leaking faucets can waste up to 140 gallons of water per week.

-Installing circulating pumps and systems can reduce the amount of water wasted waiting for it to get warm.

Stanton Plumbing CA License: 985101